CVI Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide quick turn, high quality service, reliable products and engineering solutions for our customers.

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Our Services

Contact sales/marketing at for additional information, product solutions, and new developments…….or call 972-664-1568

Through Glass Vias

Through glass vias and filled vias up to 40:1 aspect ratio. Image shows 30um diameter, 50um pitch, and 480um tall

Assembly Services

Assembly services for small form factor boards and modules. Substrate design and fabrication in both organic and glass.

RDL/Wafer Bumping

Complete quick turn wafer bumping, RDL and ENIG pillars.

Pad/Space/Trace Repair Kits

PCB and substrate layout. Die repair kits.

Single Die Bumping

Single die and partial wafers.


Overmolded QFN, open cavity solutions, die extraction and LGA/BGA.

Dummy Die

Wide variety of dummy die in bond pad and bumped footprints. Custom builds optional.

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