Die Bumping

CVI supports three forms of bumping SINGLE DIE and wafers.

  1. Standard solder bumping where a UBM and solder bump are formed. This is the most similar to high volume, high reliability bumps on the market.
  2. Modified solder bumps where a gold stud bump is placed on the pad and the die is then placed in solder to grow a bump.
  3. Thermosonic or ultrasonic bumping. A gold stud bump is applied to the die. The die is then thermosonically attached to the substrate.

Std solder bumping


Modified solder bumping


Sonic Bumping


Solder bumps

Solder bumps (as small as 25um and 35um pitch) and copper pillars ( 20um DIA and 25um pitch) are available options.

CVI can also grow pillars on single die using a NiPdAu or NiAu stack and using CVInc customer preforms. This process is a cost savings over 20um tall pure Au pillars used in RF, RFID and optical assemblies.

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